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Label Rouge Salami

Currently, Salaisons Du Mâconnais is one of the major producer on the French market of Label Rouge salami. This range of products is made in respect with the criteria stated in the Label Rouge specifications. This range is made of finest quality products, made from French fresh Label Rouge meat.

Label Rouge Salami

Product information

  • Natural casing.
  • French fresh Label Rouge Pork meat and/or French CCP sow meat.
  • Certified GMO free and not subject to ionisation.
  • Grinding : grinder 6 mm.


  • 80% fresh French Label Rouge pork meat and/or French CCP sow meat, 20% French Label Rouge pork fat.
  • Salt, lactose, dextrose, sugar, spices and seasoning agents, sodium nitrite, starter cultures.
  • May contain traces of nuts


Products subject to drying

Advised storage temperature: below 18 °C