Our Company

Our know-how

For generations, the Salaisons Du Mâconnais have been producing quality products made with the greatest care according to a traditional process.

Our manufacturing process

  • Strict selection of meats

    The meats are selected according to specifications defined and controlled by our quality department. We only use pork meat and noble pieces: ham, loin, shoulder, pork fat…;

  • Preparation of spices

    The recipe for seasoning is passed down from generation to generation. It includes salt, peppers, nutmeg ... Each quantity of ingredients is weighed very precisely.

  • Meat chopping

    This is an extremely important step for the final quality of the French saucisson. A larger or smaller chop will influence the texture and taste. The meat and seasonings are then mixed and kneaded, slowly and carefully.

  • Casing filling

    An authentic know-how which consists in putting seasoned meat in the casings. These are carefully selected, desalted and calibrated. There are several shapes and sizes of casings which make it possible to obtain French saucisson of various shapes: straight saucisson, ring saucisson, original French saucisson, Rosette...

  • Steaming and drying

    These are essential steps to ensure the safety and quality of the product. Steaming must take into account various parameters including: the temperature of the steaming room, the humidity of the air, the diameter of the product and the type of casing. This step is critical.
    The final step is the drying of the products in drying rooms. This is the moment when the aromas develop, a subtle taste characterized by a perfect balance between dry meat and spices.

  • Packaging and shipping

    The products are carefully packed in specific packaging. There are many different packaging depending of the shape, the kind of casing and customers’ specifications. Each product is then prepared for shipment.