Our House

Our know-how

Salaisons du Mâconnais is developping quality products with care and following a traditional process.

Our manufacturing process

  • Meat Selection

    We are using exclusively pork meat and noble pork cuts : ham, shoulder, pork fat….

    Sélection des viandes
  • Grinding

    The grinding of the meat defined the size of the grain. After grinding, the meat is mixed with the spices to obtain the mix.

    Hachage de la viande
  • Seasonning

    Preparation of a fine selection of spices : salt, sugar, pepper, potassium nitrate...

    Assaisonnement de la viande
  • Casing Filling

    Filling of the meat into desalted and selected casings.

  • Steaming and Drying

    Slow steaming and drying in mountain zone to obtain a fine taste, with a typical balance between dried meat and spices.

    Etuvage et séchage