Our french saucisson

Round saucissons

Round saucissons

The pavé du Mâconnais is our latest innovation. It’s a round-shaped, rindless saucisson,  prepared with the best pieces of pork, slowly dried, seasoned with spices and above all without casing, covered with its natural flower. It is a lean product that you will find natural or seasoned with Espelette pepper.

The pavé du Mâconnais will arouse your curiosity with its format and unexpected taste. Share it simply and easily with friends or familly.

Nothing to remove, easy to cut! You just need to cut it into thin strips. Keep it at the bottom of your fridge, if there is any left!


Conservation advice

  • Products subject to drying.
  • Recommended storage temperature: below 18°C.
  • After opening, keep packed in the refrigerator.