Our commitments

Product quality

Fully aware of our position in the food chain, our quality policy consists of involving all the necessary resources to guarantee:

  • the safety and hygiene of our products,
  • their compliance with regulations and customer specifications,
  • the satisfaction of our customers

For this, we pay particular attention to various points:

  • the quality of the raw materials used in our products.
  • maintaining good hygiene and condition of premises and work equipment.
  • the training of our staff
  • monitoring the bacteriological quality of our finished products.
  • monitoring and processing customer and consumer complaints.
  • the permanent evolution of our traceability system.

Internal and external audits carried out throughout the year  are necessary to verify the application of these measures.


9 March 2023

La salon de l’agriculture de Paris est un lieu de rencontres et de partage entre distributeurs, agriculteurs et transformateurs. Cette année encore nous avons renouvellé la signature de la convention tripartite entre LIDL, les éleveurs porcins de la filière Label Rouge OPALE et SALAISONS DU MÂCONNAIS pour le saucisson sec LABEL ROUGE.